ANGEL 2018

From 06/03/2018 to 06/07/2018

Domaine Saint Joseph - 38 allée Jean Paul II, 69 110 Sainte Foy lès Lyon


Dear colleagues,

Nanoparticles are widely implemented as functional elements on surfaces, into volume, and as nanohybrids, with a wide spectrum of applications such as optic, optoelectronic, electronic, biomedicine, pharma and health, catalysis, energy science, car industry, or food industry. In 2012, the total annual quantity of nanomaterials on the global market has been evaluated around 11 million tonnes, with a market value of roughly 20bn € (data from European Commission).
Each application requires specific features regarding the size, the morphology, the surface chemistry, the purity, the colloidal stability, the defects, or the doping. The development of new synthesis methods, which can be reliably extrapolated to industrial levels of production, is mandatory to widen the application panels of nanomaterials. Laser/matter interaction in liquids offers several synthesis routes for nanoparticle generation: laser ablation in liquid of a solid target (LAL), laser melting in liquid (LML), and laser fragmentation in liquid (LFL). LAL has proven its versatility and reliability. It’s a scalable synthesis method. Moreover, LML can lead to high purity oxides or alloys difficult to achieve otherwise.

ANGEL is the international scientific conference series on Advanced Nanoparticle Generation and Excitation by Lasers in Liquids. The ANGEL Conference series brings the international community together to discuss scientific issues in this context, from the basic understanding of the synthesis processes, to the applications.

After the successful previous editions, ANGEL 2010 in Engelberg/CH, ANGEL 2012 in Taormina/IT, ANGEL 2014 in Matsuyama/JP, and ANGEL 2016 in Essen/DE, the fifth ANGEL conference will be held in the Saint Joseph Domaine, located nearby Lyon, France. The city of Lyon was founded by the Romans in the 1st century B.C. as the capital of the Three Gauls. Lyon bears a large number of UNESCO world heritage site.

Following the tradition, we will have no parallel sessions, assembling altogether in the auditorium of the Domaine. For further stimulate scientific discussions, we offer an all-inclusive stay at Saint Joseph Domaine, including breakfast, lunch and social events on the evening (Wine and cheese Cocktail with an oenologist, dinner cocktail during the poster session). The gala dinner will take place at the Paul Bocuse’s Abbey, a famous place of Lyon, the world capital of gastronomy.

Encouraging participation of young researchers, we will offer half registration fee for students, travel grants, and best poster and best talk awards. Moreover, the program will include a slot for short presentation of posters.

Dear young researchers, dear colleagues, it would be a pleasure to welcome you at ANGEL 2018!

Dr.-Ing. David AMANS