The 7th International Conference on Advanced Nanoparticle Generation and Excitation by Lasers in Liquids (ANGEL)

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, May 26-30, 2024


The conference provides a forum for sharing the results of experimental, theoretical, and computational investigations in the general area of laser-materials interaction in liquids. The topics of the conference include, but not limited to:

  • Fundamentals of laser-materials interaction in liquids
    • Experimental probing, computer simulations
    • Defect engineering, metastable phases & structures

  • Laser synthesis and processing of colloidal nanoparticles
    • Laser ablation in liquids
    • Laser fragmentation in liquids
    • Laser melting in liquids
    • Reactive laser ablation in liquids
    • Laser reductive particle synthesis in liquids

  • Applications of laser-generated particles

    • Catalysis, energy conversion, additive manufacturing, optics

  • Biomedical applications of laser-nanoparticle interactions