Dear colleagues,

Thanks to tremendous advances in nanotechnology, nanoparticulate materials are endowed with abundant special features and thought as the ¡°Great White Hope¡± in the family of advanced materials for future application in areas of energy and the environment, semiconductors and electronics, biomedicine, and the automotive industry. In 1993, Anton Fojtik and Armin Henglein were the first to intentionally focus a pulsed laser beam on a piece of metal surrounded by a liquid solution. This process became known as ¡°pulsed laser ablation in liquids¡±. To date, laser fabrication in liquids, including laser ablation in liquids (LAL), laser melting in liquids (LML), and laser fragmentation in liquids (LFL), is used extensively in the field. This technology also revealed generation of advanced nanoparticles and this phenomenon has become widely studied by many international groups. Obtained results provide further understanding of the generation mechanism of nanoparticles, modeling of growth processes, up-scaling preparation, and implementation in catalysis and biomedicine. It has been deemed as one outstanding and unique technique for fabricating functional nanostructures and preparing advanced nanoparticles. Every two years, on the basis of the topic ¡°Advanced Nanoparticle Generation and Excitation by Lasers in Liquids, ANGEL,¡± researches assemble to discuss novel discoveries of basic principles, fabrication processes, expanded techniques and methodology, further applications, and so on.

Previous ANGEL conferences were held in Engelberg/CH (2010), Taormina/IT (2012), Matsuyama/JP (2014), Essen/DE (2016), and Lyon/FR (2018). With the permission and passionate supporting of conference committees, the sixth ANGEL conference will be held in Hefei city, China in 16th-18th June, 2021. Appreciating for the contribution from researchers all over the world focusing on laser fabrication in liquids, we are deeply honor to organize the sixth ANGEL conference for celebrating the 10th anniversary and sharing the latest and the most conspicuous research findings. This will be the first time when ANGEL conference will be held in China. Hefei City is an ancient city with more than 2000 years of history. It has been the region of numerous events and stories of hundreds of historical figures of China, such as the famous general Yu Zhou in the Three Kingdoms Period and outstanding statesmen Zheng Bao in the Northern Song Dynasty and Hongzhang Li in Qing Dynasty. Currently, Hefei is a member of the World Technopolis Association, the central city of the Integrated Circuit Industry in China and the National Science and Technology Innovation Pilot City. We believe our city will support the best services for ANGEL2020 on the basis of modern facilities and international management philosophies. We also believe the traditional culture of China will enrich new feelings and strengthen the impression about China for all attendees.

We sincerely welcome your participation! Your involvement will considerably improve the development of laser fabrication techniques in liquids (LAL, LML, and LFL) and provide important support for ANGEL2021.

Yours Sincerely,

Changhao Liang